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Let’s work to Strengthen, Promote, Represent and Serve the communities in which our professional members serve to ensure the issues of poverty are adequately addressed. 


Get connected. Your WBA membership comes with potential contacts, clients and partners who can help your business move to the next level. Become more prominent in your industry by attending our events.


Give back to the community. You don't have to be a business member to be apart of WBA's community. Join as an individual member and participate in our monthly giving to support any campaign of your choice.

Connecting Business to Community
Communicate. Network. Share.

Small Business Consulting and Networking


The Washington Business Association was founded in 2013 to bring all business owners, professionals and/or students together to communicate, network and share ideas. The combination of different business voices under one banner help companies establish a strong and unified presence and effectively protects their shared interests.


WBA is comprised of small businesses engaged in promoting the interests of its members by performing activities that may be costly or time consuming for an individual company. We aid in research,  development and meeting industry standards.

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