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The Washington Business Association was founded in 2013 to bring all business owners, professionals and/or students together to communicate, network and share ideas.


The combination of different business voices under one banner help companies establish a strong and unified presence and effectively protects their shared interests. 

WBA is comprised of small businesses engaged in promoting the interests of its members by performing activities that may be costly or time consuming for an individual company. We aid in research,  development and meeting industry standards.


WBA promotes a positive business community that can refer services to other members to expand their client base.


Additionally, WBA works to create a way for businesses to give back to our communities. Our campaigns are designed to reach our youth and offer them an opportunity to cycle into the business world, with the tools and information needed for success.


At WBA, we see a world where businesses and communities coming together creates a system that contributes to economic development.


Camille Duncan,

Chief Executive Officer


Joseph Stephenson, Sr. 

Chief Operating Officer

Carl Malone_Image 1.png

Carl Malone,

Chief Campaign Director


Jazmyne Carter, Communications Director


Janice Jessup,

Campaign Developer

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