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Let’s work to Strengthen, Promote, Represent and Serve the communities in which our professional members serve to ensure the issues of poverty are adequately addressed. Learn more about our campaigns below.

Bag of Groceries


We are always mindful of those who are less fortunate than we are. Food insecurity is real and everyone should help out where they can. Now more than ever there will be  families and individuals in need.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we cannot accept can goods or perishable foods. We are accepting monetary donations only. We have a list of eligible families in the metropolitan area that need help. Families are prioritized by hardship and first come first served basis.

Toy Shop


The holidays go hand in hand with toys. While for most, the holidays are joyous time, for struggling families it is a time of stress and anxiety. Parents working hard to make ends meet, still want their children to experience the joy and excitement of receiving toys during the holiday season.


Thankfully, holiday toy drives help fill the need. We invite you to participate in our holiday toy drive for families with children. You can donate from now until December 22nd, 2023. We will be collecting new toys and monetary donations.

Sharing Student


Sponsor a child this 2023-2024 school year!

Did you know that studies show that children having school supplies of their own can help improve grades, creativity, attitudes towards learning, peer relationships and more? Education is an important step to overcoming poverty. A single pack of pencils and paper could be the gateway to a bright future. Make school a better place for students and teachers by simply by donating school supplies.

We will accept donations from July 1-August 31, 2023. Distribution will be on August 22, 2023. The location will given closer to the distribution date.

High School Student


Why are scholarships important? Scholarships provide an opportunity for many people to earn an education. School expenses can be overwhelming. Without assistance from an outside source, students may have trouble paying for the degree needed for the workforce.

WBA's scholarship financial aid awards given to students whose financial situation requires additional support. Help give a student the chance to further their education by donating to our scholarship drive, and we invite you to participate. We accept donations year-round; and will be accepting monetary donations.

Business Woman Smiling


Keep Our Families Warm This Winter!

Families are facing financial hardship now more than ever. More families will need help keeping warm this winter on top of finding food and shelter. Let's help address some of these needs. We're accepting monetary donations only from August 31- December 31, 2023. Distribution will begin on November 15, 2023. Location will be updated closer to distribution date.

Professional Attire Drive

First impressions matter! WBA Dress for Success was designed to empower men and women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women and men thrive in work and in life. Sponsor a youth today! Due to COVID-19 we cannot accept clothing materials, but we are accepting monetary donations.

Kids Reading Outdoor


Spark your child's imagination and stimulate curiosity with reading! Reading helps develop your child's brain, concentration, social skills and more. We promote teaching our children to read and see the value in books. We invite you to participate in annual book drive.


We are accepting book materials and monetary donations.

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